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                                                                              • Foot Drop Rehab System

                                                                                NeuGait is the most sophisticated FES rehab system with best performance ,yet user-friendly.NeuGait is intended to provide rehabilitation for patients with foot drop due to an upper motor neuron injury or disease (such as a stroke, multiple sclerosis, incomplete spinal cord injuries, cerebral palsy or traumatic brain injury).

                                                                              • NeuGait Foot Drop Cloud APP System

                                                                                NeuGait APP is a smart phone application for programming NeuCognic FES(Functional Electrical Stimulation) foot drop system. A smart phone with NeuGait can wirelessly (even remotely) control the stimulator, and read/program the stimulator's parameters. The simple graphical touch operation interface is a perfect combination with the intelligent stimulator.

                                                                              • Wirelessly Coordinated 8-Channel FES Workstation

                                                                                The 8-channel FES (endoskeletal linkage) workstation adopts a number of latest patents from NeuCognic.It is the first registered wireless wearable multi-channel FES system with internet connection,includes a programming workstation and 8 intelligent stimulators.Stimulators can be programed to work together as a team to achieve target movements by serial/parallel stimulation on different muscles.

                                                                              • 3D Gait and Motion Analysis System

                                                                                NeuCognic′s MoSens 3D Gait and Motion Analysis System is a motion capture and analysis system with wearable motion sensors.It's also a 3D clinical gait analysis system combining evaluation,assessment and data management for those patients with central nervous system ( CNS ) injury, peripheral nerve injury,osteoarticular disease and traumatism.

                                                                              • Interactive Rehabilitation Training System

                                                                                ViR interactive rehabilitation training system can detect the upper limb, lower limb, trunk, head and body joint activities of patients. The rich interactive games make the PT/OT and cognitive rehabilitation training more attractive and efficient.

                                                                              • Foot Pressure Measurement System

                                                                                A lot of small pressure sensors are evenly printed on a flexible and thin sheet, which can be inserted inside the shoe or placed on the floor to capture the foot pressure. Quantitative analysis results provide a visualized scientific basis for rehabilitation evaluation, athlete functional evaluation and orthopedic shoes/insoles recommendations.


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